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Residential Roofing Specialists

Looking for reliable roofing services from a professional roofing company in Miami, Florida ? Look no further. High Point Roofing has been proudly serving South Florida for over 20 years . We specialize in residential, commercial, and new roof construction services. We take pride in offering our customers friendly and honest service, using the best quality materials and workmanship at competitive prices.

Highpoint Roofing Corp provides many roofing services, including:

Finding Reliable Roofing Services in Miami

The roof of our home is what protects us from the weather outside. You risk serious damage to your entire house and all its contents if your roof isn’t kept in good condition. Water can seep in, damaging the structure of the roof, walls and ceilings.  Neglecting your roof will only make for costly repairs down the road. The quicker you contact a reliable roofer , the quicker these services can avoid you from spending thousands of dollars.

No matter what type of roof you have, replacing it can be a major expense. The materials are only a fraction of the total you will pay for a new roof.  Call Highpoint Roofing Corp today and avoid costly expenses.

Once you have a few companies in mind and you have done background checks and verified references, it’s time to ask for bids. Some people believe that the more bids you get the better. Actually, you only need three or four. Most roofing services will require the expertise of more that one single person. At Highpoint Roofing Corp, our specialized team is comprised of many different talents to pinpoint each service individually, so that we can do the job right from the very beginning.

Don’t forget that you want more than just a piece of paper with a total figure. You need to see a detailed estimate of what the job will entail and all costs for materials and labor. Provide each company with a detailed list of what you’d like included in the bids and this will help ensure that you receive some uniform quotes that are easy to compare. If you find that one bid is considerably lower than the rest, it will also be easier to pick out the differences. Roofing services, titles and names may vary from company to company. Don’t be shy about asking for complete reports so that you can compare apples to apples.

Our reputation and many years of excellence in Miami-Dade, Florida have allowed us to become the premiere choice for all your residential & commercial roofing services for more than 20 years.

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