When it comes to hurricanes, Florida is one of the most frequently hit places in the continental U.S. Besides hurricanes, tropical storms too are a common occurrence in the state, which have been endangering lives and properties in various Floridian cities. Considering the massiveness of some of the hurricanes in the recent past, homeowners have now begun to take measures against potential hurricanes by making their homes hurricane-ready.

The roof of a building is what holds everything together and protects it from harsh weather conditions. But the enormity of a hurricane can blow off the roof of a house, thereby causing more damage to the property. This is why, not only should you invest in hurricane-ready doors, garages, and buildings, but should also put in extra thought in making the roof of your house strong enough to endure strong tropical storms and hurricanes.

It is often the roofing structure and the base layer that give in to the strong pressure of the winds and hurricane. So it is very important to ensure that the structural walls are sufficiently strong to provide secure roof supports and the roof trusses should be appropriately attached to the walls. It is also important to protect all roof openings to impede uplift. Similar attention should be given to the underlayment of the roofing system. The base layer should serve as an advanced secondary water barrier to protect the surface material from blowing off. A self-adhering waterproof membrane can be applied on the roof deck. It is also important for the roofing experts to use high quality roofing material built with proven roofing technologies. When suitable, metal roofing systems can also be a great alternative for higher durability.

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